Teaching Dossier

Teaching Statement:

This teaching statement outlines the foundational principles and instructional practices that guide my teaching and shape my classroom environment.

Course Evaluations:

A summary of student evaluations for previously taught courses.

Course Syllabi:

English 1202: Reading and Writing About Selected Topics

English 1100: Introduction to University Writing

English 115: Introduction to Canadian Fiction (proposed)

Exemplary Course Content:

Narrative Gaze in The Great Gatsby: this two-part tutorial incorporates close reading, critical writing reflections, and visual media to explore the complex narrative gaze at work in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Class #1: lesson plan & PowerPoint | Class #2: lesson plan & PowerPoint

Peer Editing Workshop: this tutorial was built around the peer editing of an essay’s introductory paragraph. The activity combines rapid reviews, oral criticism, and group discussion on the revising/editing process.

Workshop: lesson plan & student worksheet

Examination Review: this tutorial was built to help student’s prepare from the final examination for English 147 (January – April 2015). Designed as a game, this activity motivates students through healthy and jovial competition. The tutorial incorporates traditional testing of content mastery with writing exercises, both of which help prepare students for the final examination.

Review Game: lesson plan & PowerPoint

Claims & Warrants: this handout was part of a series of lessons on strategic argumentation. Specifically, this handout helps students identify claims and warrants by having them evaluate and identify. The activity was designed to be completed by pairs/small groups.

Activity: student worksheet & answer key

Following Research Leads: this activity was introduced mid-semester to help students learn how to engage with academic articles. The students first worked individually (10-15 minutes) and then in groups (35-40 minutes). Each group was assigned an article that had previously been read and discussed in class, so they were familiar with the material ahead of this activity.

Activity: student worksheet

Strong Verbs: this worksheet was developed to combat an ongoing issue of weak verbiage in the student essays. Students were allowed to work alone or in pairs.

Activity: student worksheet

Teaching Observations (upon request)

Reading and Writing About Selected Topics (Dr. Julia Grandison)

Introduction to University Writing (Greg Chan)

Academic Reading and Writing (Dr. Erin E. Kelly)

Great Moments in English Literature (Dr. Nicholas Bradley)

Teaching Literature and Composition (Dr. Erin E. Kelly)

Great Moments in English Literature (Dr. G. Kim Blank)

Great Moments in English Literature (Dr. Erin Ellerbeck)

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