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International Conference: DHSI Colloquium
The DHSI Conference & Colloquium offers an opportunity for individuals across academic and alt-academic positions to present diverse, dynamic digital humanities research and projects within an engaging, collegial audience that actively fosters the ethos of the greater DHSI community. The DHSI Colloquium was started by Diane Jakacki in 2009. Since its conception, the colloquium has welcomed over 200 participants. In the fall of 2016 I began working on the DHSI Conference & Colloquium as a Program Assistant before moving into my role as Co-Chair in the summer of 2016 and finally into my current position as Associate Director in the summer of 2017. In my current position I am responsible for: co-drafting of the CFP, creating of the presentation schedule, corresponding with the presenters, liaising with other members of the DHSI organizing committee, chairing panels, and running of the colloquium events (presentations and poster session) during the two-weeks of DHSI.

Speaker Series: Unravelling the Code(x)
In the fall of 2016, the University of Victoria Libraries, under the principal investigation of Heather Dean, secured a SSHRC Connection Grant to host a speaker series and symposium on print culture: Unravelling the Code(x). This interdisciplinary cluster of interrelated events explores book history scholarship and the creation, circulation, and reception of knowledge. The speakers series and symposium featured scholars from across disciplinary periods who discussed their scholarship in book history, broadly defined to include bibliography, manuscript studies, material culture studies, media studies, and the history of printing, publishing, and libraries. Given my experience and interest in print culture, I was hired as the Graduate Fellow for this scholarly outreach program. My role included hosting the visiting scholars, publicizing the events among the U Victoria graduate community, actively engaging on social media, and writing blog posts summarizing the events. The Twitter conversation and Tumblr blog summaries can be tracked using the hashtag #unravellingcodex. My engagement was filtered through the U Victoria Special Collections accounts.

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